Tapping Workshop Level 1

Tapping is a very gentle & powerful therapy that releases the disruptions in the body’s energy system by gently tapping on certain meridian points on the body. When these disruptions are removed, one gets true emotional freedom & peace.

TFT stands for Thought Field Therapy (TFT) & was developed by American psychologist Roger Callaghan in 1970s. It combines modern psychotherapy with Eastern tradition involves a specific protocol of tapping on certain points of the body while thinking about the problem.

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques and was founded by Gary Craig in 1995. It involves stimulating the acupuncture meridians while tapping on them with the fingertips & that’s why it is often known as “Tapping”. EFT is also clinically proven to heal emotional issues – refer case studies – https://eftuniverse.com/research-studies/

These techniques have been proven to:
• Heal emotional issues like anger, stress, guilt, resentment, regret, anxiety, shame, embarrassment etc.,
• Help in healing mental health disorders like anxiety, OCD, depression etc. & addictions & unhelpful habits like smoking, alcohol etc
• Release limiting beliefs & manifest greater peace & health in life.

Hello. I am Abhinav Gulechha, Certified TFT & EFT Practitioner & I warmly welcome you to an opportunity to learn TFT & EFT & use these techniques to heal yourself from unhelpful emotional patterns & live a better life.

Important Note: – Use of these techniques does not replace the need for proper medical advice. If you are already under treatment for any medical condition, please check with your doctor prior to enrolling in this workshop.

Contents of the LIVE workshop

  1. What is Tapping & how does it work
  2. What is TFT & EFT & History of TFT & EFT
  3. Similarities & differences between TFT & EFT & which technique to use when
  4. How to measure change in Tapping
  5. Understanding core TFT Concepts of Thought Field & Perturbations
  6. Tapping points in TFT
  7. Architecture of TFT – Holons, Algorithms, 9G sequence, Floor to Ceiling Eye Roll Procedure
  8. TFT Protocol
  9. Concept of Psychological Reversal & how to correct PR & Mini PR
  10. How to treat resistant cases using Collarbone Breathing Treatment
  11. Individual TFT Algorithms for specific emotional issues like anxiety, addictions, anger, shame, guilt, depression, OCD etc.
  12. Live Practice of TFT protocol
  13. What to do if a TFT treatment does not work
  14. Tips on TFT Tapping
  15. What is EFT & History of EFT
  16. How does EFT Tapping work
  17. EFT tapping points
  18. 5 Step EFT Tapping Basic Framework
  19. Other Tapping Points and Routines
  20. EFT Constricted breathing technique – Live Practice
  21. Deeper EFT – Getting to the Roots of the Emotional Issues
  22. Importance of aspects in EFT
  23. Events-based EFT – Step wise process
  24. Powerful Tell Your Story technique
  25. EFT Personal Peace Procedure – Introduction, Step-wise process & Live Practice
  26. How to seek help of Unseen Therapist
  27. How to test your EFT work?
  28. Additional points & Tips on EFT & Mistakes to avoid
  29. Guidance on 30-day Action Plan
  30. Recommended Further Learning Resources, Next Steps & Q&A

Bonus resources:

  1. Lifetime Access to a dedicated WhatsApp group for Q&A & experience-sharing
  2. Lifetime Access to this LIVE workshop in future at no extra cost
  3. Presentation in PDF format for later reference
  4. Recording of this workshop will be provided
  5. Certificate of Completion in PDF format sent via e-mail

Session Duration: 4 hours

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Workshop language: Mix of Hindi & English

Mode of session delivery: Over Zoom app

Energy Exchange: INR 1,999/-

Payment Link: https://imjo.in/4KwQED

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