Customised Crystal Solutions

Welcome to the transformative world of Customised Crystal Healing Solutions with Jaya Gulechha, Certified Crystal Coach & Therapist & Co-Founder of Lighthouse Souls.

Unlock the potential of authentic and genuine crystals with our bespoke healing crystal creations, meticulously crafted to address your unique chakra imbalances. At Lighthouse Souls, we believe in the innate energy and healing properties of crystals, ensuring that each crystal used in our custom creations is 100% authentic and selected with utmost care.

Why Choose Our Customised Crystal Healing Solutions?

1) Bespoke Crystal Healing: We specialize in creating personalized crystal bracelets, malas, and tumbles tailored to address specific chakra imbalances. Our approach goes beyond generic offerings, ensuring that your crystals are selected with precision to support your individual energy needs.

2) Authenticity Matters: We understand the pivotal role genuine crystals play in healing. Our crystal solutions are crafted with 100% authentic crystals, chosen to harmonize with your unique energy centers. Experience the unadulterated power of crystals with every creation from Jaya Gulechha.

3) Credible Expertise: Jaya is a certified Crystal Healing Coach with a proven track record. Having guided hundreds of clients towards positive transformations through our bespoke crystal creations, Jaya brings her unparalleled crystal knowledge, expertise and intuitive abilities to your personalized healing journey.

4) How to Order:

Ready to embark on your tailored healing journey? Ordering your customized crystal solution is straightforward:

a. Visit

b. Explore the variety of customised crystal solutions available and select those that suit your needs – i.e. bracelet, mala, or pouch form.

c. Choose your preferred format: bracelet, mala, or tumbles.

d. Add your selected crystal solution to the cart.

e. Follow the easy checkout process to securely place your order.

After placing your order, you will receive instructions on whatsapp to provide a photo. This personal touch allows Jaya to infuse your unique energy into the creation process and guage the chakra imbalances. Your customised crystal bracelet, mala, or tumbles will be meticulously prepared in just 4 working days, ensuring it resonates with the essence of your individual chakra journey.

6) Have Questions? Contact Us on WhatsApp:

Got queries or need assistance in selecting crystals based on your chakra imbalances? We are just a message away on WhatsApp! Connect with us at +91 7700 953 810 for personalized guidance and support.

Thank you for considering Lighthouse Souls for your customised crystal healing journey. Embrace the energy, embrace the healing!