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Palak Gandhi

Student from Faridabad, Haryana


Hello. It’s been more than 8 months I got introduced to Abhinav Sir through YouTube. And I would say these months have brought a drastic shift in me. I was resonating with him so much that I couldn’t resist myself in coming in action with all the messages he has been giving through his videos. I keenly followed his teachings and workshops. Even today, I wholeheartedly practice the exercises he teaches and those practices touch me to the core. 

A lot of healing has happened, I now know how to deal with my emotions, how to be mindful in my every activity, how to take care of myself well. He’s been very supportive throughout. Patiently answering my questions and his way of explaining things is just wonderful. Whenever I feel I am distracted and need to come back to myself, his videos become an anchor for me.
The most beneficial practice I learned from him is Mindfulness. It is such a powerful tool to give life to your life. He just makes the ways simpler and adaptable that your day to day journey becomes so easy to deal with. 

I am so grateful that I came across him and he did wonders to me through his presence. I am very much excited about his course, looking forward to learn so much more from him. Thank you Sir and Jaya mam for both of your consistent efforts in spreading peace across. God bless you and your family Wish you all the best for your upcoming journey.

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