About Us

Hello, we are Abhinav and Jaya, the people behind this website. We are based out of Indore in Madhya Pradesh, India.

Myself Abhinav – I am a CA by qualification & have spent 15+ years in the corporate world and my independent practice as an investment advisor. I am an Anxiety Coach on a mission to help people heal their anxiety naturally & without side effects. I am certified in various modalities such as Anxitety healing, Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, Mindfulness, etc. . My anxiety problem & quest for my purpose in life brought me into the healing path in 2005 and finally, in mid-2019, a spiritual experience prompted me & my better half Jaya to pursue our soul mission to be teachers & healers. 

My better half Jaya is an MCA by qualification. She is a Crystal Healing Coach. She is the embodiment of many virtues like compassion, patience and unconditional love, and I am getting trained from her every day:)

We draw our inspiration to do this work from the profound book “The Laws of the Spirit World” – a quote in that book states that talents and skills one has are for the greater good and what matters is how one use your skills on Earth.

Our objective is to be the pure instrument of Divine in helping people heal themselves and become a lighthouse in their communities and spread love and light everywhere. By this initiative, we are also helping ourselves align to our soul mission of healing and teaching in this lifetime.

You can reach us on + 91 7700 953 810 or send an email at contact@lighthousesouls.com