Consultation with Abhinav

Agenda of Call

1) Understanding the unhelpful mental/emotional patterns or life challenges that you’re facing right now

2) Discussing what you’re doing to heal those patterns & what challenges you’re facing in doing that

3) I’ll give you some instant, practical and powerful tips & ideas which you can include in your daily routine & start healing those patterns right away.

Kindly please make sure to reflect on the above points so that we make the best out of our time on the call

Note – I am not a doctor & advice given by me does not replace the need for appropriate medical advice wherever necessary.

Duration of Call – 25 mns

Energy Exchange – INR 600 (USD 10)

Mode of Call – Over Zoom/Phone call – as chosen by you

Booking Link – Link

After you make the payment in above link, we will call you back in a few hours to schedule the session.

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