Crystal Healing Course

“Crystals are like friends”. When you first make a new friend, you naturally sum up who they are by what they like and dislike, associate with and have an affinity towards. They are beautiful to look at, great to meditate and relax with and are soothing and comforting. Just like an old friend.” – Andrew Pacholyk

Crystals have been used for centuries as tools for healing and increasing levels of awareness with each stone being specially selected for specific frequencies and properties. Crystals emit positive, uplifting, energizing, and calming vibrations that help you achieve a more peaceful mind and a revitalized physical state of being.

Hello. I am Jaya Gulechha, a Certified Crystal Healing Coach & I warmly welcome you to an opportunity to learn Crystal Therapy and use the soothing energy of crystals to heal yourself & also help others in their healing journey.

Contents of the workshop

1.            What are Crystals & how they can support you in your healing

2.            Information on Chakras

3.            Crystals & Chakras

4.            Different shapes of crystals and their uses

5.            Detailed discussion on important healing crystals

6.            How to find which crystal is right for you

7.            Points to remember while buying crystals & how to spot fake crystals

8.            How to store, cleanse and program crystals

9.            Dos and don’ts while using crystals

10.         Step by Step Guide on how to heal yourself through Crystals

11.         Step by Step Guide on how to heal others through Crystals

12.         Crystals for Healing Chakras

13.         Crystals for Money & Abundance

14.         Crystals for Better Relationships

15.         Crystals for Psychic Protection

16.         Crystals for Meditation

17.         Crystals for Good Sleep

18.         How to use Crystals as part of Wish box

19.         How to use Crystals along with Zibu symbols

20.         Other Creative Uses of Crystals

21.         Overview of Pendulum Dowsing

22.         How to use Dowsing for chakra analysis & finding the right crystals

23.         Dos and Donts & Ethics of Pendulum Dowsing

24.         How to start a career as a Crystal Therapist

25.         How to charge for your Crystal Therapy services

26.         Tips on how to grow your business & serve more people as a Crystal Therapist

Bonus resources:

  1. Certificate of Completion in PDF format sent via e-mail after the session
  2. Presentation notes in PDF format for reference
  3. 3 Printable Chakra Analysis Charts (posted on WhatsApp group)
  4. Exclusive Student-Only discounts on Crystal Products from time to time

Course Access Duration – Lifetime Access

Mode of Delivery – Unlisted Youtube Playlist (Link will be shared after payment)

Energy Exchange – INR 2,000/-



  • Who can learn Crystal Healing?Anyone irrespective of religion, gender, etc. who is attracted towards crystals & has a genuine intention to heal and uplift himself/herself & others through the healing properties of Crystals can enrol in this Course.
  • • Do I need to have a well-set meditation practice for enrolling in this Course?No. You can be an absolute beginner & do this course & there are no such requirements. In the Course, I will teach you various ways to meditate & heal with Crystals.
  • How will I get my queries resolved? This is a completely self-paced course. You can post your queries in the Discussions tab beside each video & I will respond to your questions. You can also purchase a 25 mn. 1:1 Clarity call with me on Zoom or phone call at a nominal charges to get your queries resolved one by one. Link to purchase the 1:1 Clarity Calls is in the Course.
  • Is there a self-healing process that I need to follow after the Course? While there is no mandatory self-healing as part of the Course, I request my students to devote 30-days after completing the course to their self healing with Crystals to understand the healing energy of various Crystals in a much better way.
  • Will you provide Crystals as part of the Course? Crystals are not provided as part of the Course. If you need Crystals, you can purchase at your end or you can also buy from us depending on your requirements. As part of helping my students heal and learn better, I offer exclusive discounts on the sale of my Crystal products.
  • Do I have lifetime access in this Course? Yes, the course comes with Lifetime Access.
  • Can I get a refund if I don’t like the Course? I have designed the Course so comprehensively well that you will not find a reason not to like the Course. Unfortunately, given the digital nature of the products, we are not able to offer any refunds on any of our courses, once purchased. I advise you to go through the Course Contents (given on this page) to decide whether the course is a right fit for you. Also if you have any product questions, don’t hesitate to ask us via WhatsApp on + 91 7700 953 810 or via email
  • Is Crystal Grids part of this Course? Crystal Grids is an advanced topic & as such is not part of this Course. I am in the process of designing a Course focussed on Crystal Grids and will announced as soon as it is released.

Some kind words from my Students & Clients

“I ordered and got my crystals from lighthouse and they are amazing. Their service is 5 star no doubt. The way Jaya shares details and helps whenever its needed is appreciated. Doesn’t matter when you bought and when the help is needed, she is always available to help in every possible manner. Thanks a lot!”-  Himanshu Gurjar

“Thank you so much mam for delivering me crystals, singing bowl, and so many things.. And your precious guidence which is helpful for spiritual person to grow in enlighten path…. I can trust you about crystals and it’s originality… So thankful to all of you… And your humbleness is so precious… So Love you so much…. God bless you…. 💕💕💕🙏” – Seema Dongare

“I Found, My Teacher, My Guru Of Life. You Have Been One Of The Best Thing Happened To Me When I Was In Need. I Thank Universe & You For Helping Me & Guiding The Right Path! Thanks My Guru!!” Nyk Bradley


Thank you. For any query or clarification, reach us on +91 7700 953 810.

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