Akashic Records Course

The idea of the human experience is to become in the physical the perfect self that already exists in the Akasha at the soul level. – Linda Howe

Hello. I am Abhinav & I warmly welcome you to an opportunity to learn Akashic Records and use the wisdom to heal yourself & others.

Akashic Records are an energetic record that contain the detail of every experience that the soul has had since its creation and its infinite future possibilities. It’s a realm where you can find answers and healing to your pressing soul level questions for example knowing your soul purpose & soul evolution needs, reasons for any repeated patterns/ challenges you are facing in this lifetime or in your ancestral line & the best way to overcome them and so on…

Note that accessing the Records is everyone’s birth right & not limited to some selected class of people or psychics. Personally, being able to access the Records has proved to be immensely valuable & healing support for me in my spiritual journey & that of my clients.

Important Note:

My teaching is based on the books & publicly available teachings of Linda Howe & her Pathway Prayer Process and also my own insights & learnings from doing 100+ Akashic Readings of clients which generated profound healings & insights. Please note that I am not certified by Linda Howe or her Institute. The knowledge does not replace the need for appropriate medical advice wherenver necessary.

What I will cover in the Course

1. What are Akashic Records

2. Who can access Akashic Records

3. How Akashic Healing works

4. Basic guidelines to access Akashic records for self & others

5. Important Points while doing Akashic Reading

6. Pathway Prayer Process

7. Process – Reading for yourself & others

8. Pre-session Instructions, how to prepare the space and suggested flow of the session

9. Important points and tips for the sessions

10. Akashic Healing – Basic Points & 3 levels of healing in the Akashic Records

11. Roles and Responsibilities of an Akashic Healer

12. How to do Energy Healing in Akashic Records

13. How to do Ancestral Healing in Akashic Records

14. How to do Past Life Healing in Akashic Records

15. Suggested week-wise action plan for 30-day practice period & recommended reading resources

Bonus resources:

  1. Two 1:1 Clarity Calls of 25 mns each with me to get clarity in learning journey & resolve doubts personally with me

2. Downloadable PPT Notes in PDF format for reference

3. Downloadable Akashic Sessions Checklist & Akashic Reading 30-day Self-Healing Practice Guidance & Tracker

4. Access to a dedicated WhatsApp group for Akashic Records students for Q&A & experience sharing

5. Certificate of Completion in PDF format sent via e-mail

Language: Mix of English & Hindi

Mode of Course delivery: Online Video course on Thinkific website

Check Free Preview videos of the Course Link

Course Access Duration: 1 year from date of enrolment in the course

Energy Exchange: INR 4,999/-

Payment link – Link

(After payment, please share a screenshot on +91 7700 953 810 so that we can enrol you in the course)


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