The Laws of the Spirit World book – My Learnings Part 6

This is sixth in series of my posts on the learnings from the book “The Laws of the Spirit World”. You can check out my earlier posts on this topic here:

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How to open subconscious mind?

  • Start with a short prayer to God to help you in walking right path and seek access to subconscious mind
  • Blank your mind – best way is to listen to distant sounds (the guides advise do this between sunrise and sunset only, not facing South, lighting a natural flame nearby and in a place which is of positive vibration and not surrounded by people)
  • Listen to your guidance – each time you follow advice of subconscious mind, you empower it.

Your spiritual mission on Earth:

Every soul agrees on a mission before coming to Earth, but after being born on earth it is forgotten. Every soul has one or more of the following missions:

  • To grow spiritually
  • To selflessly serve others
  • To use one’s gifts and talents for growth of others

Pain comes to awaken you. Your mission is to go through all that pain and move beyond it. By only fulfilling your duties on earth (like managing your job or business) is not enough. You also need to reach out and help others – walk on the path of selfless service – Be a LIGHTWORKER!


  • Karma is not punishment – it is only learning to teach you where you went wrong, at a soul level
  • Positive and negative karma do not cancel out – so you will have to pay for all your negative karmas
  • Karma is not a result of only actions but your thoughts as well – if you think well of everyone and bless them you build good karma
  • Difficult situations in life mean that you are repaying your bad karmas – this is the time to accept the situation gracefully – if you do this, you pass the test. If you complain/grumble/make a big deal out of it, you fail and even accumulate more negative karma – deal with all difficult situations with a higher perspective
  • There may be times where a person faces difficult situations or hardships not because of his negative karma but due to another person exercising his free will in a wrong way – even then, accept situation and deal with it, do not resent other person or God
  • Acknowledge the family, friends, angels who help you in your difficult time – bless even the Angels and Spirit Guides
  • When you face people who are having very difficult situation, deal with them with Awareness that they might be going through their karma, don’t give in to pity or feel depressed yourself. Help them without getting too much emotionally involved.
  • If you are in spirituality and have spiritual knowledge and still make wrong choices, it will create more karma for you as compared to a person who did not have spiritual knowledge – more your spiritual knowledge, more is the expectation from you to handle your karma well. Higher you go in spirituality; the sterner will be the tests.
  • Even if you are facing problems in life, try and help people with small acts of kindness and make sure your motive is pure.
  • There is no such thing as destiny. You are the creator of your life by your free will. However, what you do (good/bad) will have its effects and you have to go through it. You choose the situations in life before birth and they are not imposed on you by some external force. Always rest assured that since you choose your life well in advance, you have necessary ability to bear the pain.


  • If you are on spirutal path, don’t feel proud and ego – that is the worse form of ego.
  • Get rid of the I feeling – what ever is being done God is doing through you. Don’t think you are the Doer.
  • Do not get in spiritual knowledge alone – apply it practically, work on changing yourself from within and burn your ego.

Earth laws vs Spirit world laws:

Fame on Earth has absolutely no value in spirit world. People on earth who believe in getting rich by hook or crook and by all means, realize after death that they have made a big mistake, and that they will be taken to the lower realms for what they have done. But by that time, it’s too late.

Even if soul is repentful, it has to pay off a big chunk of their karma in lower realms. So, the lesson is to be aware in this lifetime (before it is too late) to leave the evil path and switch back to the Godly good path of love, compassion and selfless service.

Some souls are so bad that they don’t mind going to those realms, however there are some souls who fall in bad company and end up doing bad karma – the spirit guides, who are the real writers of this book, want THEM to read this book before it is too late for them!

People think – “As long as I am successful on earth, I don’t need to worry” – and continue to do wrong deeds. For a few years of temporary happiness, do you wish to spend hundreds of years on lower realms and hell-like worlds? THINK.

Hope the post has been useful to you. Please share feedback in comments section. May God bless you.

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