The Laws of the Spirit World book – My Learnings Part 5

This is fifth in series of my posts on the learnings from the book “The Laws of the Spirit World”. You can check out my earlier posts on this topic here:

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Hall of Learning: Once a soul dies and goes to spirit world, after they adjust to new surroundings, they are taken to Hall of Learning, where extremely evolved souls guide the soul on knowledge of God’s laws, about nature of universe and every single aspect of God’s creation. These halls are blessed with divine energy to help the soul absorb the spiritual knowledge better.

Angels: Yes, angels are beings from higher dimensions (Realm 5 Stage 7 and above). They can come down to earth in any way (visible or invisible) to help souls in case of emergencies. Some souls on earth are Angels in living form.

How God protects Earth Soul:

In two ways – Spirit guides and Subconscious mind. As explained in earlier posts, every soul is assigned a spirit guide at the time of birth to heal, protect and show direction. Also person has a subconscious mind which is called inner voice or conscience which guides on right and wrong. If a person starts committing sin, the subconscious mind tries to communicate (what is called intuition) to stop but if he does not heed the voice of intuition, the subconscious starts shutting down. When subconscious shuts down it becomes very difficult for the Spirit Guide to give healing and protection to the soul.

Akashic records:

  • Every realm has a record of all people’s thoughts and actions – so whatever you think and do during the day, in deep dreamless sleep the subconscious mind updates those actions in the Akashic records.
  • If you have hurt someone during the day, rest assured each and every detail is getting recorded in your Akashic record – now here is the interesting thing – you think why God is punishing you. God does not punish you, your subconscious mind does.
  • It gives you corresponding results for each of the records – so stop blaming God and start praying sincerely and doing good karmas like helping someone selflessly.
  • No soul can read another’s Akashic records, except by prior permission by Higher Good souls.

Process of rebirth:

  • You apply to the High Good Soul for rebirth
  • You need to be clear on reason for re-birth. It may be to pay off some karma, or to help a loved one or a twin soul.
  • You need to choose your mother. If you want to rise spiritually faster, you may choose an evil/wicked mother.
  • You need to specify what kind of training you want to take – for example, if you have been very authoritarian and troubling people, you might want to be born as a handicapped person needing support. This is to teach you humility and how powerlessness feels like. Karma is not punishment.
  • You select a walk in – if situation on earth gets very difficult then a good soul from a Higher Realm can come and occupy it temporarily. This happens in rare cases.
  • You decide your date of birth and due date (i.e. date of death)


A child in mother’s womb is very much in touch with spirit world, his subconscious mind is open and he is very receptive to the mother’s thoughts and feelings. If the mother is going through any pain or sorrow, the child absorbs that energy.

If the child thinks that this incarnation is not fit for its spiritual objectives of this life, it can decide to move out and another soul with lower vibrations (as a better match to mother’s vibrations) may enter or if no soul comes, child may be stillborn at birth.

Hence, it is very important that both parents should be positive and content during the childbirth process to avoid such issues.

How a person stays connected with spirit world after birth:

Till a child does not start to speak, he is connected with spirit world. However, once he starts to speak, the physical mind blocks all memories of spirit world.

However, in deep dreamless sleep, the soul rises from your body and travels upward to meet the spirit souls who it has a mutual love relationship which can be deceased parents, close friends, spouse, Guru etc. When soul rises to meet them, it is protected through SILVER CORD which protects the connection between spirit and body.

In sleep, when you wake up with a jerk, it is effectively your soul returning to the body. This cord breaks when you die. 

In what cases soul choose to stay back on Earth after death?

  • If soul has done lot of evil deeds during this life time and it comes to realize what will happen to them in lower realms, it does not want to go to those realms
  • If the soul is too attached to some person and wants to stay close to that person
  • If the soul has some unfinished business or revenge to take from any person for any wrong doing
  • On earth if they were addicted to things like alcohol, sex etc. and continue to want to experience that addition

In such cases these souls have the power of free will and are given a prêt sharer (astral body) – these are what we call ghosts or prêt in Hindi. During the time that they continue as astral souls on Earth realm they accumulate more negative karma.

Hope the post has been useful to you. Please share feedback in comments section. May God bless you.

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