The Laws of the Spirit World book – My Learnings Part 4

This is fourth in series of my posts on the learnings from the book “The Laws of the Spirit World”. You can check out my earlier posts on this topic here:

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COMMITTING SUICIDE IS SPIRITUALLY WRONG. God has sent you on Earth for a purpose and by doing suicide you go against the God’s will and you break your oath to God. While you get a temporary release from physical pain, it permanently damages the soul and makes one fall in lower realms.

Instead, PRAY GOD for strength to see through your karma in this life. Committing suicide makes you fall by one full realm – also you accumulate a great deal of negative karma and will have to come again to go through the tests with double the intensity.  

.When a person is at his lowest point in his life,know that God is testing you to the max. – HE wants that you take just ONE POSITIVE STEP to signify that you have courage and that you will not give up.

If you pray to God, He immediately sends angels who are specialize in helping humans with suicidal tendencies. Those angels send messages through person’s subconscious mind to give him strength to survive.

If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, the Guides advise following:

  • Distract your mind whenever negative thoughts come – more you analyse, more you give power to those thoughts.
  • Read and gain spiritual knowledge.
  • Open your subconscious mind – procedure explained in this post.
  • Don’t be a football of other people’s opinions
  • Light a natural flame 24 hours a day – this clears negative energies
  • Exercise daily
  • Don’t be shy of seeking medical help – consult a counselor or physiatrist
  • Pray to God

High Good Souls: There is one God, however he is supported/manifested by several helpers. These are enlightened beings who have gone through hundreds and thousands of lifetimes and purified themselves of such an extent that they now do God’s work and act as God’s assistants in helping souls on lower realms. As soon as any soul SINCERELY calls for God’s help, they reach for assistance in minutes. They are not bound by time and space, so they can assist multiple people at one place and at various time dimensions as well. These souls are also called ANGELS.

Good Deeds: Good deeds are those that are done with absolutely unselfish motives. Once you do a good deed or an act of kindness, JUST FORGET ABOUT IT.

Revenge:  The guides advise that revenge is a very bad thing and gives double negative karma, as it is done consciously. However, guides say that the person to whom it is directed, should not keep quiet. For example, if someone is spreading false rumours about you, you should counter it by telling people not to be fooled so that other people do not fall prey to such rumours and misinformation.  

Dealing with evil people:

You cannot treat everyone in same manner. If a person is a good soul and does a bad deed, it is ok to forgive him/her however if a person is a bad soul, it is not correct to forgive – because it will encourage that soul to continue and even motivate him to increase his evil ways and in this process, you can develop bad karma as you have encouraged a bad soul to do evil and thus cause you to go to lower realms. Hence, before you forgive, first check with your intuition and then take a decision.

Do not forgive/overlook people who do evil deeds blindly. We should NEVER be friendly with evil people. If you cannot happen to completely avoid/ignore such people, just don’t encourage them by being friendly and supportive of them. Just say Hi Hello smile and leave.

Horoscopes: The Guides advise that horoscope predictions have a powerful effect on the mind and hence influence the flow of events in line with the prediction. Your life is determined by your thoughts. Go by your FREE WILL. Don’t be fooled by astrologers and their predictions.


  • You can do it anywhere. However try to pray every day at the same place, as you build strong and pure vibrations in that place. 
  • Prayer should be short and sincere.
  • You can also use stone/crystals and charge it with the vibrations of your prayers. The stone will absorb it and then vibrates back to you, bringing peace and wisdom and purifies your soul. 
  • God listens to each and every sincere prayer through his Angels who immediately start sending healing energies to strengthen and protect you and guidance to your subconscious mind
  • Prayer should be sincere, and selfless  – if you just pray for your own well being and materialistic things like house, car etc., it is not likely to be answered – pray for a higher selfless goal like improving in spirituality or helping others with your talents
  • Angels do not interfere in your free will. So, if you don’t pray, they do not send healing energies on their own – so over time you can lose faith in God and it can make it harder for you to face difficulties on earth.
  • Make sure to add in your prayer “Or what is best for me” – this will ensure whatever you receive is for your Highest Good.
  • If a soul genuinely asks for help, many souls from the Higher realms rush at once to help that soul. However note that higher souls DO NOT interfere in a person’s free will. So, if a soul on earth is facing problem and going in evil ways but does not seek help, angels will watch but don’t help. The moment the soul repents and prays to GOD for help, that very moment angels rush to help that person, soothe him and guide him out of the mess. Such is the power of angels!!

Hope the post has been useful to you. Please share feedback in comments section. May God bless you.

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