The Laws of the Spirit World book – My Learnings Part 3

This is third in series of my posts on the learnings from the book “The Laws of the Spirit World”. You can check out my earlier posts on this topic here:

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  1. You are a soul which is joined with the subconscious mind which travels with you after you die, with all recorded impressions of your karmas – however the conscious mind tries to rule you during your time on earth. Do not be swayed or be ruled by your conscious mind, instead connect with your subconscious mind & let its guidance rule your life and move you in direction of your Highest Good.
  2. Many people have this question – I was not evil but still was made guilty why? –one should check a) whether he is sure he has not harmed someone in his past life b) whether it is a challenge that he has accepted to lead a hard life and learn lessons of acceptance.
  3. You are here in this world to face your problems bravely and with a smile. You are here to purify your soul and rise higher.
  4. Throw away hate and adopt love
  5. Throw away jealousy and adopt understanding
  6. Throw away hardheartedness and adopt kindness
  7. Throw away selfishness and adopt selflessness
  8. Every soul takes nearly 100 to 2000 births on Earth to gain different types of experiences. The soul must go through different kinds of problems and situations
  9. Spirit beings are not allowed to tell all the secrets of one’s future on earth, because if such is told, then rebirth is of no use.
  10. On the question why you choose to be born on earth, the guides beautifully convey that you were happy in spirit world (for souls who have come from higher dimensions, however it is because of your impatience to climb higher on path of awakening and willingness to take a risk or your desire to help a loved one, that caused you to take rebirth. You could have remained in spirit world however it takes thousands of years there to move higher, as compared to a very small time on Earth given the negativity on the planet.
  11. Cycle of reincarnation ends when you move to Realm 7 Stage 9 after finishing all your training and experiences and there is no further need of re-incarnating back to earth.
  12. Key for spiritual growth is not knowledge alone, but action. How you put the knowledge into action for self and others benefit is what matters. Subconscious mind directs you to take actions which is for your Highest Good, however it is only 1-2% open hence sometimes it is very difficult to recognise what it is saying. One should do regular prayer to build the capacity to connect and listen to this subconscious mind.
  13. When you think of harming others, in reality you are harming YOURSELF hundreds of times more than the other person.

Spirit Guides:

As mentioned above, coming to Earth is risky and a high risk high return affair. However, benevolent God has given you 2 protections – first is your subconscious mind (discussed above) & second is the spirit guides who are also known as guardian angels.

All souls on Earth have a dedicated spirit guide(s) who watch out and guide from the spirit world. The spirit guide knows everything about you, especially your life purpose and tries to guide you to walk on the Godly path.

Before the subconscious mind becomes dormant, it tells spirit guide that it is of no use now, please take over. To get help from Spirit Guides, the Guides advise that you should be cool, calm and relaxed.

  1. Twin Soul: 

Every soul is splits into two at Realm 4 stage 5 into a male soul and female soul. The original male and female soul must reunite at Realm 7 Stage 9 before they can proceed further. This happens after numerous lifetimes/incarnations to finish their training on Earth.

Twin souls can be in different stage of development. So over time if one soul has reached a higher realm, it tries to bring the other twin that is at a lower realm to a higher realm. Both twins want to be together. Twins on higher levels have to wait sometimes for hundreds of years for the other half to accompany them in higher levels & then move forward.

Purpose of twin soul is to protect your spiritual growth, so even if one soul falls down to a lower realm, there is another soul to help and pray for that soul and bring it up either by re-incarnating or by acting as a spirit guide.

  1. Soul Mates:

Soul mate is a person on Earth you meet who you feel very close to. Generally that person is part of your Soul Group. In spirit world, there are groups of souls who reincarnate together in pre-agreed roles life after life to help each other rise spiritually. These souls could be your parents, children, neighbours, friends etc.

  1. Automatic writing:

There are a lot of misconceptions about spirit communications that it will hinder the progress of departed soul. Through it, the spirit souls can enforce thoughts to earthly beings and make them understand certain things in hours which could at times take them years or decades to communicate.

On Earth people believe that if someone communicates with the spirit world, that person is an evil soul however this is completely incorrect notion. On the contrary, God Almighty and Higher Good Souls are very happy to communicate and guide the souls on earth.

As regards people’s concern that evil spirit can possess one’s body during spirit communication, the guides clarify that if a person is evil, then there is a good chance for that, as evil attracts evil. However, if a person is a good soul and communicating with a good departed soul, then there is no harm at all.


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