The Laws of the Spirit World book – My Learnings Part 2

This is second in series of my posts on the learnings from the book “The Laws of the Spirit World”. You can check out my earlier post on this topic here:  Part 1

  1. The angelic beings from Higher Realms are constantly trying to guide the souls on earth who want to improve. Make yourself open to receive the guidance. Pray for the Holy Angels and Divine Beings or God (whatever you want to call) to give you sadbuddhi  (wisdom)I personally feel the highest thing to ask for as an earth souls is the Higher wisdom and knowledge
  2. Do you think your birth and being in so and so place and as child of so and so parents and husband/wife of so and so is all accident – NO. The guides say that EVERYTHING of your earth experience has been chosen by you beforehand – sometimes it called soul contracts or life plan – the soul pre-decides the experiences it want to have on earth so that it can progress in best possible way. The harder the life, greater the possibility of spiritual progress.
  3. Life on earth is a RISK. For example, a soul may choose to be born from a wicked mother to undergo suffering and progress spiritually however if the soul starts participating in the evil ways of the mother, it can lead to his downfall. Hence, for making the decision on life events, soul also consults higher and wiser beings in spirit world who advise him on the risks.
  4. If you are not sure whether a particular person is a good soul or not and should you help him or not, pray and seek guidance from the Higher Beings and Holy Spirit guides for assistance. If you pray sincerely, God will help you and guide you to the right path.
  5. The holy spirits are not allowed to directly communicate with souls on earth with respect to guidance etc. Hence they try and give hints however souls on earth ignore these signs and hence fail to benefit from the guidance.
  6. Every realm is governed by a High Good Soul. Souls on higher realms need not come down except when they want to advise, guide and help someone on a lower realm. In doing so, these souls take extra protection in form of invisible cloak etc. to protect from evil souls (esp. in Realm 1,2, 3) who can take them as slaves.
  7. After a deep sleep, the reason you feel calm and less miserable is because the higher souls have calmed you down and given you the right guidance through your subconscious mind. However, you will not be able to “implement” the guidance provided to you if you are not connected with your subconscious mind (later posts will expand on this point) – in such cases, your physical mind ignores those hints and intuitions as passing thought.
  8. Never grieve for your departed loved ones. You anyways meet them in your sleep. Also, grieving for your departed loved ones make them miserable. They cannot convey to you that they are all fine and OK. SO DON’T GRIEVE OVER YOUR DEPARTED LOVED ONES. Pray for their best, send your love but don’t grieve!
  9. Why some people die young – As explained earlier, good souls take the risk of being born on Earth to progress faster (as compared to continuing in spirit world), however once the good soul realizes that the parents or the environment they are put up in is very evil and not conducive to their spiritual upliftment, their subconscious mind requests God to bring back to their spirit home immediately (this is without their conscious knowledge). 
  10. Lead your life in such a way that it takes you higher, not lower. Don’t think that by visiting temples and pilgrimages God will be impressed. God is impressed by your sincerity of motive. Lead a simple, honest, kind and selfless life.
  11. Due to the high level of negativity on Earth, good souls may get despondent and think that it is better to live an isolated life, away from the evil souls. However, God is not happy with that. He wants you to fight evil and improve the Earth world. HE wants YOU to reach to fallen souls who were once very good and on higher level but have now fallen due to negative influences.
  12. The most important reason you are sent to Earth is to purify your soul and rise to a higher level. Your time on Earth is very short. DO NOT WASTE IT. You are sent on Earth to take on certain work, training, to gain experience, and to pay off your karma, so finish what you have come to do before your time is up. Don’t procrastinate because you don’t know how much time is left. Otherwise you will have to take rebirth, go to school, go through all the aches and pains again to complete the work left in this life.
  13. The subconscious mind is active in young or innocent people. As one engages in bad behavior or trained by some evil person, the subconscious mind hardens, and becomes dormant. The subconscious mind of a person always tries to guide a person to stay away from evil path however when a person’s physical mind ignores the advice of subconscious mind, it cannot tolerate this and goes to sleep.
  14. If your subconscious mind is dormant, you can awaken it through heartfelt PRAYER and meditation. After your prayers, try to enter a thoughtless state of mind – ensure that it is not more than one minute else there is a risk of harm through a negative astral soul. Also try and do this meditation between sunrise and sunset only (and preferably not after sunset)
  15. The reason why we are not able to remember our true home, the Spirit World, and our past lives on Earth is that we have come to earth to undergo certain tests and to pay off certain karma. If we knew everything, there will be no fun and no surprise element, just like the tests that lose their significance if results are known beforehand. One purifies his soul by making mistakes and realizing your mistakes – whether you do so in a good Godly way or an evil way.

Hope the post has been useful to you. Please share feedback in comments section. May God bless you.

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