Embrace every experience in your life right now

Every experience we have right now in our life, we have pre-chosen with help of our spiritual guides it for our growth prior to coming on our planet. There is no some higher power that “controls” us. We are the creators of our destiny. If we internalise this, then we start becoming OPEN to life and start embracing all experiences that life has to offer us each moment, and instead of being closed, blaming others or feeling self-pity, start focussing on the LESSONS we can learn…what these experiences are trying to teach…Earth is a school, and we will be put through various tests…the more we resist something, the more we say to the universe that we are not open to learn from it, and the more such tests we create for ourselves, because deep down we know if dont learn the lessons, we wont be able to move to next level of spiritual growth and ultimate goal to move away from duality & realise that we are the Supreme Creator itself!!

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