Don’t forget to thank those who receive your seva

The only purpose that you have in this life is to clean

Dr. Hew Len

The people we get to help – may be someone on the street, or someone in the orphanage or old age home are actually people who are helping us

When we do seva, we think we are helping people…and the feeling of ego may come in us, which actually destroys the good merit from our deeds

But if we look deeper, everything is a game that is created for us to burn our karmas

So, the people I see on the street & whom I help in my own small way through donating food or money are there to help ME burn my karmas…helping me come out my sins (wrong deeds out of my free will) of many past lives….

This whole world is a game, an ILLUSION…where I am at the center of the universe.

The game, and the various people I see playing their various roles, are just an extension of MYSELF, allowing ME, giving ME an opportunity to do good deeds, accept their flaws (in relationships), be understanding and patient …

The more I do that, the more I burn my latent tendencies (karma) & purify myself, to reach closer to the Divine.

One more thing, I cannot fathom the extent of my past karmas that get cleaned by a simple act of a person who chooses to receive seva from me today

This realisation helps me STAY GROUNDED. Not let doer ship come into the act of service. It helps me recognise myself & the receiver both as instruments of the Divine.

Next time I do any seva, I thank God for allowing me to serve in this life, AND I also thank the person who receives my service for holding this space as an instrument of Divine to help me clear your karmas.

And I WONDER about the LEELA of GOD – I did all the wrong things through my free will, and what a wonderful way God creates this game to help me cleanse. And this realisation makes me grateful to the Absolute Being & also to Her Manifestation as this Universe/World.

This is it. Hope my sharing is helpful in some way. Please share your thoughts.

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