Can we imagine a LOVING UNIVERSE?

We create our universe with our thoughts and beliefs. Years and years of conditioning through others and media leads us to believe in scarcity & fear – we believe in a fearful universe.

What will happen to me? The fear of food, clothing and shelter….

Now can we slightly change our perspective and imagine a LOVING UNIVERSE – a universe that lovingly provides us everything we want, at the right time.

Think of the universe as a loving mother, who knows what her child needs, and provides it before time.

Taking about things that go wrong (and if you are old enough, there are quite a few times when  things don’t go right) for example, heartbreak, job loss, business closure, poor health, misunderstandings with loved ones and so on and we begin to question  – is the universe loving – why I am getting so much pain??

My take is that the universe, in this moment, is giving you EXACTLY the experience which you need for your spiritual growth – while the man or woman you are attracted to is what you feel is everything; the universe knows that this alliance will be painful to you in long run.

So, universe will give either the thing that you want, or the experience/lesson, if this is what you need more!

And if universe is like a loving mother, can we treat each life experience, however bitter it may be, as a “prasad” (offering)  – also know this, universe is so loving that it takes care not to give you anything you cannot handle – so know that everything you are facing right now, it is well within your capacity ..

You are a creative powerhouse – you can be whatever you want – change your belief, and see how your reality changes!

Daily basis, whenever fearful thoughts come, try this affirmation – “The universe loves me so much. I am so grateful that everything in my life happens for my Highest Good”

When you say this affirmation, feel the peace and gratitude – do this for min. 21 days and see the changes in your life

May more and more Peace and Blessings flow in your life!

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