Reiki Level 3A

Course contents of Reiki Level 3A

  1. Introduction to Reiki Level 3A
  2. Master Symbol
  3. Grounding symbol
  4. Different Healing symbols
  5. Select Karuna Reiki symbols
  6. Violet Flame Protection
  7. Psychic surgery
  8. How to do self healing with Level 3A symbols
  9. How to heal others with Level 3A symbols
  10. Introduction to crystals and how they work
  11. How to heal self and others using crystals
  12. Introduction to Angels
  13. Qualities of 4 main Archangels
  14. How to seek help from Angels during healing session
  15. How to do Karmic healing
  16. Tips to keep Reiki strong
  17. Attunement

Material provided: Reiki Level 3A Manual, Certificate of Completion

Eligibility: Must have completed Reiki Level 2

Energy Exchange: INR 3,999

Disclaimer: The teaching in the course is general information only & shall not qualify as medical advice. Application of the techniques taught in the course will be purely at student’s own risk and liability. In case of an existing medical condition, please consult your GP before implementing the techniques suggested in the course.

Any clarification or further info please call/whatsapp on +91 7700 953 810