Reiki Level 2

What is covered in Reiki Level 2

Reiki Level 2 is an advanced course where you will learn how to focus the healing intention through the use of sacred symbols and many creative ways you can send healing in distance, to past and future events, to multiple situations at once. By end of Reiki Level 2, you can send healing in distance and to past and future events. 

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Contents of Reiki Level 2

  1. Introduction to Reiki Level 2
  2. Introduction to Reiki symbols
  3. Understanding Power Symbol
  4. Understanding Mental/Emotional Symbol
  5. Understanding Distance Symbol
  6. How to connect with Reiki symbols
  7. How to do self healing with Level 2 symbols
  8. How to perform distance Healing through symbols
  9. How to perform distance Healing through surrogate methods
  10. Attunement pre-instructions & ceremony
  11. How to use REIKI BOX to heal multiple people/wishes
  12. How to cleanse home/office spaces and objects with Reiki
  13. How to do cut unwanted energy cords with Reiki
  14. How to get good night’s sleep with Reiki
  15. How Reiki can help in studies and examinations
  16. How to lose weight with Reiki
  17. How to heal your childhood traumas and past lives with Reiki
  18. How to heal your future events/meetings/interviews with Reiki
  19. How to heal your relationships with Reiki
  20. How to program Reiki with CHI BALL
  21. Reiki Ethics for Level 2
  22. Query resolution & conclusion

Material provided: Reiki Level 2 Manual, Certificate of Completion

Eligibility: Must have completed Reiki Level 1

Energy Exchange: INR 2,999

Disclaimer: The teaching in the course is general information only & shall not qualify as medical advice. Application of the techniques taught in the course will be purely at student’s own risk and liability. In case of an existing medical condition, please consult your GP before implementing the techniques suggested in the course.

Any clarification or further info please call/whatsapp on +91 7700 953 810