Reiki Level 1

What is covered in Reiki Level 1

Reiki Level 1 is the foundational course where we place a lot of stress to clarify the fundamental concepts – what Reiki is all about, how it heals the body mind, its history, information about human body’s energy system etc. By end of Reiki Level 1, you can heal yourself and others by placing of hands.

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Contents of Reiki Level 1

  1. Introduction
  2. Concept of Energy, Karma & Free Will, Highest Good Path & Soul Contracts, Law of Attraction
  3. What is Reiki and how does it work
  4. History of Reiki
  5. Benefits of Reiki
  6. Who can learn Reiki and various levels of Reiki
  7. Reiki Principles
  8. Human body’s energy system and Chakras
  9. Aura – Meaning of aura, how to strengthen and protect aura
  10. Attunement and 21 days cleansing process
  11. Healing techniques – Gassho, Reiji Ho, Chiriyo, Joshin Kokyuu , Tanden, Kenyoku Ho, Byosen
  12. How to give Reiki treatment to self & others
  13. How to give Reiki treatment to others & precautions to be taken
  14. Grounding, Protection and Energy Exchange
  15. How to charge food, water, medicines with Reiki
  16. How to cleanse and heal your home/work space
  17. Other applications of Reiki in daily life
  18. How to clear your energy system using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  19. Ho’oponopono prayer – Powerful way to release emotional baggage
  20. Jin Shin Jitsu – Simple self help technique to balance energy system
  21. Query resolution
  22. Attunement ceremony and conclusion

Material provided: Reiki Level 1 Manual, Certificate of Completion

Energy Exchange: INR 2,500

Disclaimer: The teaching in the course is general information only & shall not qualify as medical advice. Application of the techniques taught in the course will be purely at student’s own risk and liability. In case of an existing medical condition, please consult your GP before implementing the techniques suggested in the course.

Any clarification or further info please call/whatsapp on +91 7700 953 810

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