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Facing problems in life – My Learnings

As I grew spiritually over the years, I have realised that the problems & difficulties outside are within me itself…
in fact, there is NOTHING OUTSIDE…
The problems I see outside are just energy stuck within me…
You can call it KARMA..
And the aim of that karma is not to punish me..
The aim of that karma is THAT I LEARN….
Learn till I become PURE..
Pure as Buddha, Jesus, Krishna…..
So, these difficulties are trying to make me pure
What I need to do…
Fill myself with love & acceptance ….
Take these difficulties as prasad ….
Do my inner work….
That inner work helps me to face these difficulties without getting low….without blaming, resenting, fear….
Otherwise the cycle of birth and death will continue….
One more realisation – the more I go deep into my inner work, the lesser the IMPACT/PAIN of these problems become….
because the pain is in the MIND…
Not in outside situations…
When I do my meditation for even 10 mns , I briefly go beyond my mind & gain spiritual energy….. That energy helps me to be high in awareness
So that my perspective remains of detachment….
That I above so and so problem in life…
Think about it…
How long we’re going to live?
60, 70, may be 80 years….
We need to take a decision….
Do we let our remaining life run around these problems….
the up and down cycles..
Or can we make our inner work our life’s focus…and everything be around it…
This is every individual’s personal decision…no-one can impose it on anyone!
Please share your thoughts.

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