Crystal Usage Instructions

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Cleansing & Charging Instructions for Crystals as below (Please bookmark this page for reference) –


Crystals are sensitive tools which absorb energies as well as emit them. When you wear crystals, or place it in your home, it can absorb lower energies in the area or from different people. Hence it is advisable to cleanse & charge the crystals periodically so that they work to their optimal capacity. We recommend you to cleanse and charge your crystals once every week – you can make a routine for this every Sunday.

How to cleanse crystals

  1. There are various ways to cleanse the crystals like sage, incense, Reiki, singing bowls, copper pyramid etc., however one simple way we recommend is to pass it over a camphor smoke (kapoor ka dhua)
  2. You can light one or two pieces of camphor and make the crystal pass through the smoke – you can hold the intention that the crystal is getting purified and all lower energies are released, healed and moved into the Light.

How to charge crystals

  1. After you cleanse the crystal, you need to charge the crystal
  2. Hold the crystal between your palms and make a prayer to God as follows (you can tweak this prayer as per your intention but always make sure you use the words “Highest Good”)

I pray to God, my Angels and my Guides to help me charge these crystals for the Highest Good of xxxx (name of person) with Divine Love and Light. These crystals are helping person xxx (name) getting healed and filled with Divine love, peace, abundance and joy and keep him/her protected from all lower energies and lower vibrations as per his Highest Good.

  1. Finally thank the crystal for helping you in every way and then you can wear it.


  1. Don’t worry if you don’t exactly follow the ritual as stated above – your pure intention is what matters and will work.
  2. As far as possible, try not to wear crystals while going to emotionally charged places like funeral grounds, hospitals etc. – If you happen to do that, try to cleanse & re-charge the crystals after coming home.

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