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Crystal Reiki Grid for Abundance

Hello Readers,

We are pleased to share a crystal grid that we have prepared for manifesting abundance. If you want to order this grid for yourself or wish to learn Crystal Reiki, please call/whatsapp us on  +91 7700 953 810 or email us at

Note that the grid depicted in image is a sample grid – Actual grid can vary depending on client’s situations & requirement

Purpose of Grid: This Crystal Reiki grid can be used to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life. It is a good grid to support your efforts in your career and business. Brings stability and growth in finances.

Crystals used & Properties: Citrine, Yellow Jade, Pyrite, Clear Quartz pointed crystals

Sacred Geometry symbol used: Flower of Life

Affirmation statement: “I program this Crystal Grid to bring abundance and prosperity in the life of xxx (name)

Activation: The grid has been activated using Clear Quartz activation wand, and has been purified and programmed with Reiki energy to work for the Highest Good of everyone.

Thank you and please share your feedback and queries.

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