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The Laws of the Spirit World book – My Learnings Part 1

Some time back I have read a wonderful book – “Life in a Spirit World” by Khorshed Bhavnagri. This book represents the channeled knowledge that the two sons of Ms. Bhavnagri Vispi and Rattu gave to her from the spirit world after having an accidental death in young age. In the book, Vispi and Rattu have shared detailed knowledge of laws of spirit world which we forget once we arrive on this planet.

It has been one of the most fascinating books I have read till now and really fortunate to have come across this book. It has completely opened and expanded me as to why I am here on this planet and the purpose of my life.

In a series of posts, I am sharing my learnings from the book. I sincerely believe that the learnings captured by me in my posts represent only 0.1% of the knowledge given in the book and request readers to purchase and read the whole book word by word and use the knowledge given from the spirit world.  

If as a reader you have any query or want to share your experience, you can write below in comments section. Hope you enjoy the reading.

  1. People think there is no life beyond the earth – this is incorrect. There are in all 7 realms or planes in the spirit world. Within each realm, there are stages 0 to 9. Earth is Realm 4 Stage 5. In short, Realm 1-3 is like hell and realm 5-7 is like heaven. I have read somewhere else that that these realms are not some different planets, but are different collective energy pools – so, people with super negative energy of the lowest order will collectively accumulate in a particular energy dimension called Level 1. So, it is more of the collective state of mind of souls which make a realm what it is.
  2. People think Earth is their home – answer is NO. Earth is like a school where we need to learn the lessons and pay off our karmas. Our real home is the spirit world. You need to understand the life beyond earth in a better way so that when you die, and reach spirit world, you are not confused where you have come. Realise that YOU ARE A SPIRIT BEING that is having a brief human experience. This will also help you understand your life purpose in a much better way and FORGIVE people who are causing problems in your life.
  3. Being on Earth is the BEST opportunity for your soul to progress spiritually because of so much negativity around; even a small act of kindness is relatively very helpful in your spiritual ascension. In the spirit world, the spiritual progress is very slow and due to this, good souls from higher realms come down to Earth to progress faster to even higher realms. However, coming on Earth is a RISK also because there is no more memory of WHY YOU CAME TO EARTH – because on Earth if you associate with wrong people and start doing wrong things, you may end up in lower realms also!
  4. Every soul starts its journey from Realm 4 and then move higher or downwards depending upon its karma – there is no fixed time for rising up to higher realms – it all depends on a soul’s genuine desire to improve.
  5. Your inner motive in each action is the most important. You cannot fool God. You may be making donations with intention to wipe off or nullify your bad karma that you do on an ongoing basis, don’t think that God will overlook it. You can fool people on earth but not God. It will lead you in deeper hell.
  6. If you have even an inch of pure intention to improve yourself, God will hear your request and send his helpers (what we call angels) to help you. Hence whatever you have done in the past, no worry – be PRAYERFUL in this moment and tell God to please forgive from all the sins done either intentionally or unintentionally. (Note: I have started doing this every night before going to sleep.)
  7. God’s justice is all powerful. Evil souls who succeed in earth meet with their results when they die. They are taken to lower realms – that is why when such souls die and recollect what they have done and what God’s justice will be, they do not want to go to those realms and stay back on earth as a GHOST – this gives them more bad karma and they will never be able to escape the God’s justice – so when you see such bad souls doing all bad work and reaping benefits, just feel compassion for them and forgive them because they don’t know what they are doing.
  8. It is NOT godly to help everyone. There are good souls and there are evil souls. First ascertain that the person you are helping is a good soul that should be helped or not (ask your intuition for that) – if you help evil soul knowingly, that evil soul will carry on with his evil ways in more earnest, rest assured that some portion of the bad karma of that evil actions will also be attributable to you. So the guides advise to be firm with an evil person – try to help him come on the right path but never try to help him in his evil ways
  9. The rules in earth and spirit world are different. An earthly person who is a good soul and appears quite ordinary may be a celebrity in the spirit world because of his good deeds, however a celebrity on this earth who is full of negativity and building more bad karmas in this earthly life will be treated as a pauper in the spirit world. So, do not try to rise higher in earth at the cost of compromising on your good deeds and conscience and don’t fall for the pressure of status and prestige in this earthly world. Focus on good deeds and kindness in whatever situation you are placed on earth.
  10. There is no devil as mentioned in certain scriptures. The real devils are the people around you who pull you down, involve you in evil actions – stay away from such people at any cost. Look closer at your company as to whether those people are helping you rise higher spiritually or pulling you down. People who engage in unnecessary gossip, backbiting etc. – stay away from such people. As a wise saying goes – Better be alone than in a bad company

Hope the post is useful to you. Please share feedback in comments section. May God bless you.

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