Anxiety Healing Workshop

Anxiety’s like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it doesn’t get you very far. – Jodi Picoult

Hello. I am Abhinav Gulechha, Certified Anxiety Coach & more importantly, a person who has dealt with anxiety for a major portion of my earlier years in life. My frustration with dealing with my anxiety & setbacks it caused me made me make a conscious effort to heal myself & come out of my anxiety.

In this workshop, I will be combining my 17+ years of my experience of healing myself with various complementary healing modalities & my training & experience as a Certified Anxiety Coach to help YOU overcome anxiety & live a better life.

Contents of this LIVE workshop

• Understanding anxiety, its types, causes, symptoms, myths about anxiety
• Biochemistry & Neuroscience of Anxiety
• How our conscious & unconscious mind works
• Concept of neuroplasticity, how we can create new neural pathways to overcome anxiety
• Present State Evaluation through Self-Testing & SUD scale analysis
• Mindset Shift required to heal Anxiety
• Live Practice of various breathwork techniques for anxiety
• Live Practice of anxiety-healing meditation
• RAIN technique & STOP technique for healing Anxiety
• Other mindfulness tools for healing anxiety
• Overview of meridian based healing for anxiety
• Healing Anxiety with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
• Healing Anxiety with Thought Field Therapy (TFT)
• Healing Anxiety with Jin Shin Jyutsu for Anxiety
• Overview of NLP techniques for healing Anxiety
• Pattern Interrupt technique
• Garbage Can technique for quick relaxation
• Rescripting & Visualisation technique
• Bilateral Simulation Technique
• Triple Warmer Technique for instilling positive suggestions
• Resource Thinking Technique
• SD card method
• Relaxation Response Technique
• Affirmations & Self-Hypnosis for Anxiety
• Live Guided Hypnosis session for Anxiety Release
• How to use Healing Crystals for Anxiety Relief
• Journalling for Anxiety
• Mudra Therapy for Anxiety
• Aromatherapy for Anxiety
• Self-Hypnosis for Anxiety
• Guidance & Live Guided Exercise on how to bring focus on your goals & mission in life
• Guidance on lifestyle changes to help in Anxiety e.g. sleep, nutrition etc.
• Specific tips on how to deal with anxiety pertaining to kids, finances, health, relationships, job insecurity etc.
• Guidance on Anxiety Healing Daily Routine you need to follow after workshop

Who should join this LIVE workshop

• If you face anxiety – it can be generalised anxiety, social anxiety, OCD or some other for of anxiety
• If anxiety is coming in between your social interactions, work performance, family time
• If anxiety keeps you awake at nights
• If anxiety is not letting you live freely and in a fulfilled way
• You want to learn complementary healing therapies to free from dependency on medicines & their side effects

Cost of not taking action on your anxiety NOW:

• Living in anxiety prison for the rest of your life
• Spending a fortune on doctor consultations & medicines over your lifetime
• Reduced career growth due to low performance
• Inability to create new & maintain existing relationships
• Anxiety manifesting as physical problems over time like diabetes, back & knee pain etc.
• And most importantly – A deep regret in your later years of not having lived a fulfilled life due to your anxiety

Bonus resources:

  1. Lifetime Access to a dedicated WhatsApp group for Q&A & progress sharing
  2. Lifetime Access to this LIVE workshop in future at no extra cost
  3. Lifetime Access to 25+ Anxiety healing worksheets
  4. Recording will be provided
  5. Presentation Notes in PDF format for later reference

Important Note:

I am not a doctor or a licensed medical professional. Techniques taught in this workshop DO NOT replace the need for proper medical advice from a licensed mental health professional. If you are undergoing medical treatment for anxiety, please consult with your doctor prior to enrolling in this workshop.

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Workshop language: Mix of English & Hindi

Mode of delivery: Online (over Zoom app)

Energy Exchange: INR 3,999/-

Payment Link:
After making the payment, please hold for some time & you will be re-directed to the WhatsApp Group for the Workshop. Please join that group. Zoom link for the Workshop will be shared in that group.

For any query or clarification, you can reach us on +91 7700 953 810.

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