Crystal Reiki Healing

We create customized Crystal Grid as per your situation/problem and charge it with Reiki energy and keep it activated for the duration specified by you (min. 21 days) so that Reiki is sent through the grid continuously for the duration selected by you.

We choose only genuine high quality crystals for the healing. Before creating the crystal grid, we conduct a detailed discussion with you on the problem and inform you of the crystals

Some examples of crystal grids that we create are as follows:

  1. Crystal Grid for Abundance, Prosperity, Success in business
  2. Crystal Grid for Family Protection
  3. Crystal Grid for Health and Wellbeing
  4. Crystal Grid for Relationships
  5. Crystal Grid for Spiritual Growth
  6. Crystal Grid for Relationship Healing
  7. Crystal Grid for Insomnia
  8. Crystal Grid for Depression
  9. Crystal Grid for Anxiety
  10. Crystal Grid for Epilepsy
  11. Crystal Grid for Insomnia
  12. Crystal Grid for Stress Relief
  13. Crystal Grid for Studies/focus/memory

Energy Exchange:  INR 2,100 (USD 42) – for 21 days duration

Disclaimer: Crystal Reiki is a complementary healing therapy and does not replace suitable medical advice.

For further information whatsapp on +91 7700 953 810

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