Angelic Healing Practitioner

What is Angelic Healing

Angels are amazing beings, they can help us in all aspects of life, all we need to do is to ask! They cannot intervene in our life unless they are invited to do so.

Angels are totally unconditional in their love, they hold a space for us as we go through emotional pain/stress at some of the crazy decisions we make. According to practitioners everyone has guardian angels and connecting with them helps create more peace in life.

Practitioners say connecting with your angels feels like meeting family and reuniting with your best friends. Angel therapy is a non-denominational spiritual healing method that involves working with your guardian angels and archangels. In Angelic Healing, the healing is done by the Archangels and Angels directly.

What is covered in this course

Through this training you will connect more deeply with the Angelic realm, learn about various Archangels and Divinities and how they help human beings & will also learn how to run a healing session along with all the practical business advice to support you as you walk with the light. We will also learn how to do reading of Oracle Cards and how to attune others.

By making this commitment to train as a practitioner you enter into a spiritual contract whereby you will be supported by spirit throughout your journey whatever that may be and wherever that may lead you.

Course Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Benefits of Angelic Guidance
  3. How angels help human beings
  4. Signs of angels
  5. How to seek help of angels
  6. The Energetic Grid of Earth
  7. Elements and Elemental Beings
  8. Nine Choirs of Angels
  9. Golden Angelic Ray of Healing
  10. Lyra
  11. Venus
  12. How to boost your connection to angelic realm
  13. Detailed discussion on the Archangels
  14. Guardian angel
  15. Spirit Guides
  16. Ascended Masters
  17. Seven Rays
  18. Sanat Kumara and the Great Brotherhood
  19. Earth Angels
  20. Light workers, Starseeds, Indigos
  21. Angel Crystals
  22. Violet Flame Healing by Ascended Master St. Germain
  23. Introduction to Angelic Healing
  24. Step by step guide on how to conduct an Angelic Healing session on self and others
  25. Angel Prayer
  26. Angel Affirmations
  27. Angel Meditation
  28. How to do Oracle Card Reading
  29. Psychic protection
  30. Angel numbers
  31. How to given attunement to others
  32. Important points to remember as Angelic Healing Practitioner
  33. Attunement

Deliverables: Manual, Certificate

Energy Exchange:  INR 5,000

Duration: 2 days

Disclaimer: The teaching in the course is general information only & shall not qualify as medical advice. Application of the techniques taught in the course will be purely at student’s own risk and liability. In case of an existing medical condition, please consult your GP before implementing the techniques suggested in the course.

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